The article on Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière in “Le Point” withdrawn

JOEL SAGET via AFPRaquel Garrido and Alexis Corbiere MEDIA – This is called a coaster. After publishing an article on Wednesday accusing Rachel Garrido and Alexis Corbière of mistreating an undocumented domestic worker, the weekly Point backtracked this Thursday, June 23. In a message posted on Twitter, the director of publication Étienne Gernelle apologized to … Read more

3,000 tons of Kinder products have been withdrawn from the market, the boss of Ferrero France evokes “tens of millions of euros” of losses

In early April, the brand had to recall batches of Kinder chocolate products made in Belgium and sold in several European countries due to suspected salmonella contamination. Article written by Posted on 26/05/2022 21:23 Update on 26/05/2022 21:24 Reading time : 1 min. “Was there a failure? Yes, that’s very clear. Was there negligence? No.” … Read more

Vaccination refusals could even face the threat of having their driver’s license withdrawn

RTL> December 01, 2021 – 10:19 am clock Majority for compulsory vaccination Things are getting tight for the unvaccinated. The pressure is increasing every day! Because the vaccination rate in Germany is still relatively low, compulsory vaccination is now required from all sides: Doctors, politicians, employers’ associations are in favor of it. Otherwise you will … Read more

Matthieu Orphelin, spokesperson for Yannick Jadot and close to Nicolas Hulot, “withdrawn” from the campaign

Matthieu Orphelin, in Nantes, June 24, 2021. SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / AFP The accusations of rape and sexual assault targeting Nicolas Hulot continue to make waves. One of his relatives, Matthieu Orphelin, who is the spokesperson for candidate EELV in the next presidential election Yannick Jadot, was put “Withdrawing from its responsibilities”, announced the campaign director … Read more

GFG Alliance avoids bankruptcy but is almost withdrawn from France

Sanjeev Gupta, in Dunkirk, in 2019. DENIS CHARLET / AFP To everyone’s surprise, GFG Alliance, the Indo-British steel conglomerate Sanjeev Gupta, seems to have managed to avoid bankruptcy. This nebula of companies has been in turmoil since Greensill, its main creditor, filed for bankruptcy in March, revealing that GFG owed it $ 5 billion. Article … Read more

Elon Musk Says Bezos Withdrawn To Pursue His Dream Of Filing Lawsuits Against SpaceX

A short time ago, Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin sued NASA after losing a major government contract to fly astronauts to the Moon. that was left in the hands of SpaceX and its powerful Starship. Continuing Bezos’s attack on SpaceX, Amazon has also urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to dismiss plans presented … Read more

The Poster Of Zahara’s Concert In Toledo Is Withdrawn Due To Pressure From Vox

The private promoter that organizes the ‘Toledo Alive’ concert cycle has chosen to withdraw the promotional poster of the concert that the artist Zahara is going to offer in the regional capital on September 3 due to complaints from Vox considering that it was an “offense extreme “to the image of the Virgin. In a … Read more

After the US troops have withdrawn: China and its interests in Afghanistan

Status: 07/24/2021 10:54 a.m. China borders Afghanistan. But for a long time Beijing held back against its neighboring country and let the West do it. Now the US troops have withdrawn and the Taliban are striving for power. How do you see that in Beijing? By Astrid Freyeisen, ARD-Studio Beijing, currently Würzburg The border between … Read more