“I didn’t understand, I woke up and …”

Rosmy first talks about the alleged flirtation with Marracash. Singer Rosmy some time ago it was suddenly described as the cause of the breakup between the rapper and then-girlfriend Elodie. Marracash and Rosmy Rosmy and the alleged flirtation with Marracash Singer Rosmy first talks about her alleged flirtation with Marracash. When the rapper and the … Read more

“France and its youth must escape the woke ideology”

Jean-Michel Blanquer, in his office at the Ministry of National Education in Paris, October 13, 2021. JULIEN DANIEL / MYOP FOR “THE WORLD” On the occasion of the launch of his “laboratory of the Republic”, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, details the objectives of this think tank, intended to inject ideas into the majority … Read more

The Dream Team Woke Up

To beat the United States, on one side all the planets have to align and on the other they must be in another galaxy. That happened in the first two friendlies of the Dream Team in Las Vegas for Nigeria and Australia to achieve resounding victories. But against Argentina, right against Argentina, the Yankees were … Read more

Winston Marshall, the musician lynched by the “woke culture”: decided not to bow after going to the Blessed Sacrament

The “Woke culture”, also known as the “culture of cancellation” and totally linked to the prevailing political correctness in the current West, continues to pass like a roller above all those who decide to get out of the established discourse even minimally. But it is also true that more and more are rebelling and refusing … Read more