Isn’t it Good, Satellites Made of Wood?

Article By : George Leopold The European Space Agency is backing a demonstration mission that will loft a wooden CubeSat equipped with 3D-printed components. If all goes as planned, a CubeSat constructed from birch wood—yes, a wooden satellite—will be launched early next year as part of a technology demonstration backed by the European Space Agency … Read more

Criticism of Ted Bundy. Inside the killer’s mind with Elijah Wood and Jack Kirby in a singular dialectical duel

Criticism of Ted Bundy. In the Killer’s Mind (Man of No God) with Elijah Wood and Jack Kirby in the roles of FBI agent Bill Hagmaier and Ted Bundy respectively. If you are fans of the subgenre of real crimes, you will already have clear the importance of one of the most ruthless murderers and … Read more

Warren Beatty & Natalie Wood Reportedly In A Relationship: The Women In Actor’s Life

Warren Beatty’s acting career was almost as popular as his love life. However, the actor was known for his multiple relationships, including one with actress Natalie Wood which had its fair share of controversies. Warren Beatty had the magic of getting screenplays, but besides that he also had the charm of attracting women. Beatty could … Read more

Lord Of The Rings: Elijah Wood Reveals His Favorite Episode (and He’s A Little Right)

One of the films of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings has a special status for Elijah Wood, the interpreter of Frodo Baggins. More than a series of successful blockbusters, the trilogy of Lord of the Rings is a saga that has deeply marked the history of cinema and paved the way for many … Read more

Elijah Wood Wants To Make A Movie Of One Of The Best Video Games Out There

Actor Elijah Wood has always recognized his love for video games and knows exactly what a film version should have. In a recent interview, Elijah Wood assured that an adaptation of Grand Theft Auto it would work very well. Since the franchise of Rockstar Games it has such interesting stories with such complex characters that … Read more

Ronnie Wood on tour with the Rolling Stones after recovering from cancer for the second time

Ronnie Wood just turned 74: he is the youngest of the Rolling Stones. Who apparently are not resigned to staying at home. Just as announced The Viola a few days ago, the group decided to make the American tour that it had scheduled for last year and that was suspended because of the coronavirus. With … Read more

Dear: Berry Énergie Bocage, The Company That Values ​​wood

From a shed of Saulzais-le-Potier where mountains of wood chips are stored, Mathieu Accolas, president of the SCIC (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest) Berry Énergies Bocage, contemplates the countryside. With clear eyes, he remembers precisely the path that led him and a handful of farmers to imagine a business project that would enhance the wood … Read more

Ronnie Wood presented “Ghost of a Man”, another preview of the Jimmy Reed tribute

Ronnie Wood He is one of the most important guitarists in rock history. His name appeared twice in the Hall of Fame, as a member of the Rolling Stones and for being part of the group Faces. Beyond his activity with the legendary band, published several works as a soloist, with a very good response … Read more