Wheat erroneous figures and lack of organizational strength are driving hunger – Marion Jansen (OECD): stop giving wrong impressions

On Monday evening 9 May, the permanent agricultural spokespersons in the House of Representatives had a round table discussion about food security in the world and how the Netherlands can contribute to this. One of the most important comments came from the German Marion Jansen, Director of Trade and Agriculture at the OECD. “Let’s stop … Read more

Taylor Swift, the wrong snake

New single released Taylor Swift, the wrong snake by Sarah Stendel 08/25/2017, 2:35 pm The old Taylor Swift is dead: that’s how drastically the singer expresses herself in her new song. The former country singer’s new image concept is dramatic, nasty and insanely exaggerated. What’s behind it. At this point, our editorial team has integrated … Read more

Poll: 53% of French people think Emmanuel Macron is wrong to say that he “wants to piss off” the unvaccinated

“The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. So we will continue to do so. ” This statement by Emmanuel Macron in the columns of the Parisian, January 4, creates controversy. It also divides the French, a slight majority (53%) believing that the head of state was wrong to make these remarks, according to … Read more

Viral post gets facts wrong on NASA-funded study

The claim: NASA just hired 24 theologians to assess how the world would react to discovery of extraterrestrial life The prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life may feel like science fiction to many but not for NASA. In 2015, the agency and the John Templeton Foundation awarded a grant for a research project at the Center of Theological Inquiry on … Read more

NASA wants to build nuclear space craft — what could go wrong?

NASA executives and experts struck an urgent tone with Congress earlier this week over discussions pertaining to the space agency’s nuclear budget. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say NASA’s nuclear budget? Surely not. Right? Here’s a meaningful quote via Paul Brinkman writing for UPI: ‘Strategic competitors including China are aggressively investing in a wide range … Read more

Ron Da Error (Ron’s Gone Wrong) Already Has Critical Rating | Tomatazos

The new generations of children have grown up immersed in technology and social networks, which, although they are great tools for communication, also their excessive use leads to losing life, contact with the real world and other human beings. Disney together with 20th Century Studios and Locksmith animation present us Ron Da Error – 88%, … Read more

″I was wrong. Things got even worse″

João Pedro Sousa, coach of Boavista Photography: LUSA Redaction October 17, 2021 at 22:45 Topics Statements by João Pedro Sousa, coach of Boavista, after the defeat against Rio Ave (4-0) and elimination in the Portuguese Cup. Defeat Analysis: “Many things went wrong, others not so much. We had a balanced start to the game, we … Read more

“I was wrong, but the editorial staff knew everything”

Joel Milan breaks the silence after the expulsion from Men and women, broadcast yesterday on Canale 5. Maria De Filippi, without scenes, interrupted the throne of the boy who, to many, also seemed sincere after admitting the error of having agreed with his suitor Ilaria. The latter, on the other hand, of the suitor continued … Read more

The umpires weren’t wrong against the Rays, but MLB should revisit the rule

In a game that will rethink the 5.05 (a) (8) game rule, the Boston Red Sox left the Tampa Bay Rays down, 6-4, thanks to a home run by Christian Vázquez with a circulating man in the middle. down from the 13th inning, and they took the lead in their 2-1 American League Division Series. … Read more