NASA’s All-Electric X-57 Maxwell Jet Will Make Its First Flight Next Year

NASA is nearing the first test flight of its battery-powered aircraft, the X-57 Maxwell, a report from The Verge explains. NASA’s series of X planes are designed to push the limits of aircraft technology, whether it’s supersonic flight, green airliners, or all-electric aircraft. The X-57 Maxwell was specifically designed to help NASA develop certifications standards … Read more

Testimonials: the Mac M1s one year later, an almost perfect balance sheet

While a new wave of Mac M1 has just been unveiled, now is the right time to take stock with users of the very first generation launched a year ago.. We opened a call for witnesses by asking our readers how this transition to the new architecture went. Here are the answers… (they were given … Read more

Why Queen Elizabeth II rejected the “Old Woman of the Year” award

Drafting BBC News World 2 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, In a letter, the Queen said that she did not meet the criteria to receive the award Queen Elizabeth II declined a magazine’s “Old Woman of the Year” award, saying that “you are as old as you feeles”. The 95-year-old monarch rejected the recognition … Read more

1 Year of Love Bond soap opera, more fun, not boring! : Okezone Celebrity

soap opera Ikatan Cinta has been present on the RCTI screen for 1 year to entertain the people of Indonesia. Even so, the funny stories and conflicts from the number one hit soap opera in the country never bore the loyal fans of Ikatan Cinta. Yes, the appearances of Amanda Manopo, Arya Saloka, Glenca Chysara, … Read more

at Marion, 36 years old, “for a year and a half, there hasn’t been a month where we haven’t ended up in the red”

“I upset him.” Marion walks away from the dusty old computer on the coffee table, takes advantage of the black bike’s loading time to take a sip of tea, then returns to the keyboard. She shifts the device an inch – the charger cable is finicky. Be patient again. That’s it ! The balance of … Read more

One year after Samuel Paty’s assassination, teachers remain traumatized

A history teacher discusses the charter of secularism with students, in a Parisian college, in November 2020. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD” The assassination of Samuel Paty has airs of November 13 to teachers. For the first time, a colleague of theirs was killed at the gates of his school because of his job. A … Read more

Enit-Isnart agreement. Excellent summer recovery but 2021 conditioned by the beginning of the year

At the ENIT pavilion of the TTG Travel Experience 2021 event, the Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia, the President of ENIT Giorgio Palmucci and the ISNART President Roberto Di Vincenzo. During the meeting, the protocol between ENIT and ISNART-UNIONCAMERE for the analysis of the economic developments of tourism was presented. The aim is to provide institutions … Read more

Hyperpop sensation 100 gecs and emotional singer Jeremy Zucker will perform at MeetFactory next year

Before we present the two concerts that we have prepared for next year in the Prague club MeetFactory, we would like to inform you about the canceled concerts Junior (originally supposed to play in Chapeau Rouge in February) and Dotana (October in Café V Lese). The duo of 100 gecs consists of Dylan Brady and … Read more

Sitges 2021: ‘Silent Night’ Is One Of The Revelations Of The Year And The Definitive Anti-Christmas Film Thanks To Its Uncomfortable Proposal

No spoilers. No trailers. No images. No information. The secrecy surrounding the excellent ‘Silent Night‘, the feature film debut of screenwriter and director Camille Griffin, produced by Matthew Vaughn and with an excellent cast, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Christmas of the year In the middle of 2021 it’s almost a provocation for a … Read more

In the United States, inflation reached 5.4% over one year

On the New York Stock Exchange, October 13, 2021. BRENDAN MCDERMID / REUTERS When the statistics for the month of August were published across the Atlantic, political and economic leaders sought to reassure themselves: the bad unemployment figures (366,000 job creations) would be compensated for the following month, with the return to the work of … Read more