Gene Simmons (Kiss) and his misogyny: “The more money you have, the more chicks you’ll like”

July 13, 2021 1:48 pmPosted by Redacción – The bassist and vocalist of Kiss, Gene Simmons, has surprised with some statements in which the words he dedicates to women leave the politically correct for miles away, although the musician himself claims not to identify himself as a misogynist. The surprising interview was granted to Talking … Read more

Roger Federer’s vintage Rolex is actually a brand new model (and you’ll want it too)

It’s easy to get caught up in it vintage watch world. Conversations focus on Tyler’s Cartier Crash, The Creator, or The Enchantress Rolex GMT retro de Ed Sheeran . But Roger Federer you know that sometimes nothing compares to a brand new creation that just left the factory. After his Wimbledon match against Hubert Hurkacz, … Read more