Maybrit Illner: This is how viewers react to the Kretschmer Zoff on ZDF

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and the designated Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) clashed verbally on Thursday evening in Maybrit Illner’s ZDF talk. Stumbling block: Kretschmer turned to Buschmann with the request that he act as a minister against radical and extremist Telegram groups. But Buschmann said: “Other things are more urgent.” … Read more

Corona vaccination requirement: Olaf Scholz is for mandatory vaccination and the expiry of the vaccination status

30 million citizens are to receive either a first, second or booster vaccination – so 1.25 million doses have to be distributed per day. This will be “the largest operation that we have launched in a long time,” declared Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the evening on ZDF. He also terminated a legislative process for … Read more

ZDF documentary has lousy ratings – even fans are disappointed

“In the intoxication of the senses” could not meet the expectations. Image: ZDF screenshot This week it got really exciting for all fans of Helene Fischer: On October 15, she first released her new album “Rausch”, followed by the ZDF on Saturday evening at 9.45 pm with the music film “Im Rausch der Seele”. In … Read more

Bundestagswahl: „Bei FDP und Unternehmerverbänden werden die Sektkorken knallen“

Der Parlamentarische Geschäftsführer der Linksfraktion im Bundestag, Jan Korte, wirft SPD und Grünen mit Blick auf deren Koalitionspläne mit der FDP einen Bruch von Wahlversprechen vor. „Bei FDP und Unternehmerverbänden werden die Sektkorken knallen. Von etlichen zentralen Wahlversprechen bei SPD und Grünen ist wie befürchtet nichts mehr übrig“, sagte Korte der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Weder werde … Read more

“Markus Lanz”: Elke Heidenreich against everyone

Be huuule pel ekelOeule Pketlepehlenl pel Vuekeueellnua „Betlel“, Btulleu Gteuh, uuek pu vllela nup atelekeellla eluplketl epel ple Gnle-Pttoleu lu Qplellelek poleekeu. Be huuule pel etle velQe 6leue Ielaeu Illlllu uuek pu etlelpOltpe ple Pllnelluu pel ekeOetlaeu Uuthpoellel PBV pepenelu. Be huuule peleu Peltluel Ueupepeket epeuleuel Bellel, Gel Veauel, pelue Blaepulppe ​​nulel 09 Blueeul pekoulepeu … Read more

Nach WDR-Skandal – ZDF holt islamistische Autorin ins Team – Politik Inland

Neuer Islamismus-Eklat bei den Öffentlich-Rechtlichen. Das ZDF hat eine bekannte Islamistin und Israel-Hasserin an Bord geholt. Für die Sitcom „Barrys Barbershop“ ist Feyza-Yasmin Ayhan als Comedy-Autorin engagiert worden. Der Anfang 20-Jährigen (Künstlername: Yasmin Poesy) eilt ein Ruf als islamistische Aktivistin und Israel-Hasserin voraus. +++ BILD gibt es jetzt auch im TV! Hier geht’s zu BILD … Read more

CDU: Friedrich Merz does not want to run again in the party congress vote and calls for basic participation

Bundestag election Laschet succession In the late evening, Friedrich Merz becomes clear Stand: 4:10 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Friedrich Merz in the ZDF program “maybrit illner” Source: ZDF / Svea Pietschmann “A party’s management bodies can decide once against the will of the grassroots, but not two or three times,” tweeted Friedrich Merz. … Read more

Traffic light: Baerbock insists on “coalition at eye level” – SPD wants to “talk to each other, not about each other”

Germany Traffic light sounding Baerbock urges a “coalition at eye level” – SPD wants to “talk to one another, not about one another” Status: 11:29 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes “We need a coalition agreement that reduces inequalities” The SPD, the Greens and the FDP are meeting for initial talks about a traffic light … Read more

“Markus Lanz”: exchange of blows between Luisa Neubauer and Kevin Kühnert

Germany “Markus Lanz” When Kühnert speaks of socially fair climate protection, Neubauer rolls his eyes Status: 6:32 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Kevin Kühnert and Luisa Neubauer visit Markus Lanz Here you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with or display content from Podigee and other social networks, we need your … Read more

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Luisa Neubauer takes the SPD and FDP apart

fromTeresa Vena conclude Shortly before the general election, the ZDF talk with Markus Lanz is mainly about climate protection. The guests do not agree. Berlin – In his broadcast on September 21, 2021, Markus Lanz on ZDF was about to re-examine the programs of the FDP and the SPD and, indirectly, the Greens with regard … Read more