SpaceLand’s Mars-gravity, Moon-gravity and Zero-Gravity Research and Educational Flight Missions

SpaceLand Africa Ltd is successfully following on its license from the USA Government for the Spaceport qualification study, in synergy with NASA’s new Space Shuttle program, possibly addressing the Mauritius airport as a candidate landing destination for glider-like (namely, pollution-free) re-entry operations from Space. This follows on the United Nations and International Astronautical Federation (IAF)’s … Read more

What it’s really like to go on a zero-gravity flight like Jeff Bezos

Floating in zero gravity 32,000 feet above Newark Airport is something that a person who’s deathly afraid of heights and prone to motion sickness probably shouldn’t do. And yet, I did it. “I am not the daredevil girl,” I joked with Zero-G pilot Erich Domitrovits, feeling a combination of fear and excitement. “I’m the ‘taking … Read more

Engineers study advanced manufacturing methods in zero-gravity • College of Engineering News • Iowa State University

Shan Jiang (left), assistant professor in materials science and engineering, and Hantang Qin, assistant professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, pose inside Qin’s Flexible Electronics and Additive Printing Laboratory. A team of engineering researchers at Iowa State University is studying the most effective ways for manufacturing materials in outer space, with the hope that … Read more