In Poland, a lawless zone under the cover of a state of emergency

Barbed wire fence at the Polish-Belarusian border in Krynki, Podlasie region, Poland, September 24, 2021. JEDRZEJ NOWICKI FOR “THE WORLD” It is a real lawless zone, unprecedented in the European Union: along the Polish-Belarusian border, for nearly 400 kilometers, the Polish authorities established a state of emergency on September 2 , and extended it until … Read more

The metropolis of Strasbourg is establishing a low-emission zone from January 1, 2022

A Strasbourg, and 2013. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP The Strasbourg Eurometropolis has taken a decisive step in the fight against air pollution by voting, Friday, October 15, to set up a low-emissions-mobility zone (ZFE-m) from January 1 2022 (ZFE-m) over its entire area. For the moment, only Paris and its metropolis have such an area. … Read more

China sends 77 warplanes to Taiwan defense zone

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry released this undated file photo of a Chinese J-16 fighter jet when it announced that PLA jets entered its air defense identification zone. (CNN) — Taiwan reported a record number of Chinese warplane sorties into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) for the second day in a row, Taiwan’s Ministry of National … Read more

This is how the table of positions of the qualifying round for Qatar 2022 goes after seven games played; Ecuador’s national team, in the World Cup qualification zone | Football | sports

Ecuador began to seriously argue for a ticket to the World Cup by defeating Paraguay 2-0. AFP September 2, 2021 – 10:56 p.m. Brazil travels non-stop to Qatar-2022 by extending its perfect march to seven consecutive wins in the South American qualifier on Thursday, followed by Messi’s Argentina who, relieved after winning the Copa América … Read more

Onu vota risoluzione: “Talebani assicurino partenze sicure da Kabul”. Salta la safe zone

AAMIR QURESHI via Getty Images Personale delle ambasciate, interpreti, mediatori culturali, giornalisti, addetti a logistica. Sono almeno 200mila i cooperanti che gli Usa e gli altri Paesi della Nato non sono riusciti a evacuare dall’inferno di Kabul. La maxi-evacuazione è ormai arrivata alla temuta deadline del 31 agosto, ma il Consiglio di sicurezzadell’Onu adotta una … Read more

Chad withdraws 600 soldiers from the “three borders” zone

Military exercises in the Sahel, in February 2015. STRINGER / REUTERS Chad announced on Saturday August 21 that it had halved its troops deployed in February within the anti-jihadist force of the G5 Sahel in the area of “Three borders”, on the borders of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. “We redeployed 600 men in Chad … Read more

Mars rover Curiosity reaches intriguing transition zone on Red Planet (video)

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has rolled into a patch of ground that could shed considerable light on the Red Planet’s climate history. Curiosity landed inside the 96-mile-wide (154 kilometers) Gale Crater in August 2012, on a mission to assess the region’s past potential to host Earth-like life. The car-sized robot soon found evidence that Gale … Read more


Meteo: TEMPORALI e GRANDINE VIOLENTI, nelle PROSSIME ORE ancora tante REGIONI ad ALTO RISCHIO. Le Zone COINVOLTE TEMPORALI e GRANDINE, ancora tante regioni a rischio nelle PROSSIME ORENelle prossime ore saranno ancora tante le regioni a rischio di violenti temporali spesso accompagnati anche dal tanto temuto fenomeno della grandine. L’alta pressione africana, nonostante con il … Read more

à Bron, la “fan zone” n’avait d’yeux que pour Karin Benzema

Karim Benzema après le match contre l’Allemagne le mardi 15 juin. MATTHIAS SCHRADER / AP La ville de Bron, dans la métropole lyonnaise, s’est décidée tardivement. Mais elle a finalement mis en place, mardi 15 juin, une « fan zone » pour suivre le premier match de l’équipe de France à l’Euro de football, contre … Read more