The Scriptwriter Of ‘I Am A Legend’ Responds To The Anti-vaccines That Claim That He Predicted The Coronavirus

Throughout the history of cinema, as well as literature, it has been fictionalized about what would happen on Earth if a virus arrived that devastated everything.

In I’m legend, starring Will Smith, practically no one is left alive and the zombies roam free following a reprogrammed virus. The anti-vaccines have taken advantage of this plot to expand conspiracy theories that can confuse a good part of the population.

In this way, social networks have begun to spread the theory that I’m legend prophesied the future in 2021 and that in a couple of years, as in the movie, there will be a zombie apocalypse due to vaccines.

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“Remember, in I am a legend, the disease did not create zombies. Vaccines did,” explained one of the most viral tweets about the film and its hypothetical prediction of the coronavirus.

These theories have caused the The New York Times conscientiously reels the plot of the film with the aim of clarify any doubts about the virus, vaccines and how everything is going to ruin in fiction so that no one panics and begins to believe that the effects of the vaccine are counterproductive.

This belief has reached such a point that Akiva Goldsman, one of the scriptwriters of the 2007 film, has had to step out to cut off any misinformation“Oh my God! It’s a movie. I made it up. It’s not real.”