‘The Suicide Squad’, Review: A Hilarious And Brutal Action Outrage

You always remember very well those feature films with which you had a wonderful time in a movie theater. They do not necessarily have to be moviesGreat works of art made by brilliant directors like Martin Scorsese, for example. It is enough that they manage to trap you in your story, that they provoke intense feelings in you and that, of course, they do not treat you as if you were a fool. With an audiovisual device and a decent script, of course. To the rare continuation that is Suicide squad (James Gunn, 2021) we can put it in this satisfying sack.

Like all the movies of the irregular DC Extended Universe -or even Marvel Cinematic and its greater cohesion—, it is not of high flights nor by a trace. And not because it doesn’t have Clark Kent (Henry Cavill).

But let the American be James Gunn at the controls seems, in recent times, a guarantee of cheeky fun and glorious sequences; or, at the very least, something very similar to them. It premiered with the unpleasant Slither (2006) and was able to enter the superhero narrative thanks to the failed Super (2010).

However, he did not raise his head until he was given the juicy opportunity to deliver us the first two volumes on the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014, 2017); about which he is also preparing a Christmas special (2022) and the film that completes the trilogy (2023). And there is no doubt that when the spectators sit down to watch Suicide squad, will recognize the style of popera intensity that he has given us with Groot (Vin Diesel) and company.

In love with Harley Quinn

Because James Gunn, also the author of the libretto, also offers us here a hilarious and brutal action rampage who, by his own dramatic concept, refuses to take prisoners. His compatriot David Ayer only achieved one admissible length (2016) in which we could fall in love with the grid. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) to the point that she was later allowed the role of Birds of prey (Cathy Yan, 2020).