this YouTube video reproduces the Netflix series in real conditions, a price of 456,000 dollars at the key

A YouTube video organized a Squid Game competition in real conditions. Dressed in the famous costumes from the Netflix series, the participants took on the challenges seen in the episodes of the show. The key to this good-natured competition was a prize of $ 456,000.

Since arriving in the Netflix catalog, Squid Game has encountered a monster in the world with over 140 million views on the platform in a matter of weeks. The South Korean show arouses such interest that many college students have reproduced the cruel games seen in the series in the playground. Building on the success of the show, Netflix is ​​already producing a season 2 of Squid Game.

In the wake of the series’ media success, YouTube channel MrBeast decided to reproduce the competition seen in Squid Game in real conditions. The channel is known for its many original competitions involving volunteer internet users.

YouTuber recreates the Squid Game competition in real conditions

MrBeast’s video, seen below, features several devious children’s games seen in Squid Game. Participants are seen playing games like Honeycomb. This cruel challenge involves cutting a paper shape with a needle from a honeycomb. Obviously, precautions were taken to prevent participants from injuring themselves. At the start of the video, we also discover the game Green Light, with a very convincing reproduction of the terrifying doll from the series. In case of violation, a device containing a liquid explodes on the torso of the participants.

Note that the initiators of the initiative took great care of the details. All participants indeed wear the regulatory green suit seen in the series. The organizers wear the red uniform. Likewise, the settings and rules of each game are wonderfully reminiscent of the world of Squid Game.

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Obviously, the show offers a prize to motivate the participants. The player who wins is left with the sum of 456,000 dollars. It was a young man wearing the number 079 who won the bet. If this performance interests you, we encourage you to watch the video below.