Tom Hanks Said No To Jeff Bezos

Tom Hanks is not interested in Jeff Bezos’ offer to go into space.

Last month, “Star Trek” actor William Shatner flew into space on a suborbital Blue Origin flight after being invited by Bezos, who founded the company. But Shatner wasn’t the only household name Bezos offered an astronaut experience. Actor Tom Hanks revealed on Tuesday (November 2nd) during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” who offered him a ride into space and refused, saying he should pay a good deal for the trip.

“Well, yeah, as long as I pay,” Hanks said of Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle launch offer. “It costs about $28 million or something like that. And I’m doing fine Jimmy – I’m doing fine – but I’m not paying $28 million. You know what, we could simulate going into space right now.”

Blue Origin has not revealed the current rate of passes aboard its suborbital rover. However, for the company’s inaugural human spaceflight in July, they held an auction for one of the seats that ended up going out for $28 million. The anonymous winner of the auction ended up having a scheduling conflict and Oliver Daemen, 18, whose father had won a ticket for him on a future flight at the auction, flew in his place.

Since that first human flight, Blue Origin has launched its second human spaceflight, with Shatner aboard, on Oct. 13 from the company’s launch site near Van Horn, Texas. Shatner, however, flew for free, courtesy of Bezos. Two of the other passengers on the flight purchased their tickets, but the price each paid is unknown. The fourth passenger was Audrey Powers of Blue Origin, the company’s vice president of missions and flight operations.

After this second successful suborbital flight, Blue Origin plans to launch another crewed flight in 2021, with several more planned for 2022, the company said.