tourism industry recovering by 34.9% by the end of the year, better than the European average

Positive trend for the tourism industry in France which, according to the data emerging from a recent Wttc survey, could reach a growth of 34.9% by the end of the year: a step forward, therefore, compared to the general recovery expected for Europe (+ 23.9%) and the global one (+ 30.7%).

In 2019, the contribution of the tourism sector to the French GDP totaled 211 billion euros (8.5% of the national economy); in 2020, when the pandemic led to the blocking of international travel, the same figure fell to just 108 billion euros (4.7% of the national economy). Now, according to Wttc estimates and based on the current pace of recovery, France’s tourism sector can expect year-on-year growth of almost 35%, equal to an increase of 38 billion euros.

The research goes on to show that while domestic spending is set to increase 56.6% yoy in 2021, international spending could decrease by 1.9% this year.

However, next year, while domestic spending is set to increase once again, with an annual growth of 9.9%, international spending is expected to rebound 67.8%, in turn providing a massive boost to both jobs and employment.

In terms of employment, the French travel and tourism sector supported nearly 2.7 million jobs before the pandemic struck.

“Our latest research shows that the travel and tourism sector in France is beginning to recover faster than its neighbors, although there is still a long way to go,” he said. Julia Simpson, president and managing director of the Wttc -. Last year, the pandemic lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in France. Employment remains stable this year, but we expect to see a major recovery in travel and tourism in France next year, as long as the country remains open to vaccinated travelers.