Tragedy in Wisconsin: Man Who Run Over the Parade Identified as Darrell Brooks, Facing 5 Murder Charges | Univision News Events

Waukesha City Police, located about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, clarified that at this time there is no evidence that it was a terrorist attack and that Brooks, 39, acted alone when he sped by with an SUV in the middle of the parade.

“We have information that the suspect prior to this was involved in a domestic altercation, in the minutes leading up to it, and the suspect left that scene minutes before we arrived, “Police Chief Daniel Thompson said at a news conference.

Thompson explained that Brooks he wasn’t being chased by the police when he rammed into the crowd and that an agent did shoot his vehicle when the man knocked down a security barricade. He said that no passerby or Brooks were injured by that shot.

“The suspect was taken into custody and we are sure that he acted alone, there is no evidence that it was a terrorist incident, “he added. Previously, the media reported that the man was being questioned about that domestic incident in which he was involved shortly before the collision. According to the AP agency, the altercation involved his once a knife.

Thompson said his police department is recommending that Brooks be indicted with murder charges and with others resulting from the ongoing investigation.

Brooks “intentionally” caused, in Thompson’s words, the death of five people who were identified this Monday, four women between 52 and 79 years old and a man 81. Among the 48 injured there are two children who are in serious condition, added.

The background of Darrell Brooks

According to the AP, a person by the name of Darrell Brooks Jr., 39 years old has two criminal cases open in Milwaukee County. In one of them, submitted as recently as November 5, He is charged with having resisted or hindered the work of a police officer, disorderly conduct and assault, among other charges. That man he posted a $ 1,000 bond last Friday.

In the second case, filed in July 2020, the same man was charged with endangering a person’s life and illegal possession of a weapon.

What was supposed to be a traditional holiday this Sunday turned into a tragedy in Waukesha. Neighbors told how they saw the truck take away from children to the elderly, some part of a group called Dancing Grannies.

“They looked like puppets thrown into the air,” Nicole Schneiter was quoted as saying by the AP agency. She was on site with her children and grandchildren. “It took me a second to register what had happened, it was like, what we saw was real? And then when we looked at the road we saw people on the pavement,” he said.