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JAKARTA – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a popular Korean drama series starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. This Korean drama series tells about the love story between Kim’s secretary and her boss, Young Joon. However, misunderstandings begin to arise when Secretary Kim resigns from his job after working for Young Joon for 9 years. Curious what happened to the secretary?

This episode begins when Young Joon and Secretary Kim depart from his house to head to the office. They were escorted by several aides to a room. When Young Joon opened the room, it turned out that he found the director of his company making out intimately with his secretary. “How could you be in a prostitution area while working? You’re a director, don’t you think about the company’s image?, said Young Joon.

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Young Joon left the room after being given his schedule by Kim. Kim, who saw the director panicked, finally tried to calm him down. “Mr. Jo, don’t be discouraged. Your project failed and you were caught in a prostitution area. Because Mr. Lee had high hopes, he was disappointed. Mr. Lee insists on clearing our company’s good name of bad news. Therefore he was very upset, “said Kim.

Kim tells director Jo to remember this incident and try to be better tomorrow. He also told director Jo to go home and rest. Director Jo’s secretary asked Kim, “Mr. Jo will still work at this company right?”. Secretary Kim just smiled quietly, then he took his cell phone to call someone to immediately vacate the table and all of Mr. Jo’s belongings. “Have you seen Mr. Lee give a second chance?”, said Kim with a smile.

That night, Kim was asked to accompany Young Joon to meet his business colleagues from various countries. After the event, they got into the car for the journey home. On the way, Young Joon is very flattered by secretary Kim’s performance. He will also give whatever Kim wants as a gift. “Good job today, say what you want. You deserve to be rewarded for your achievements and don’t refuse,” said Young Joon. Kim wanted to say something to Young Joon, but instead he replied, “Don’t say love, because our relationship is only a business”. Kim finally tells Young Joon that he has to find a new secretary because Kim wants to resign.

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