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Why Adam Sandler He only premieres his new projects on streaming platforms such as Netflix? Why does the content portal keep releasing us movies of dubious quality with Sandler as star? The short answer is very simple: they work and are authentic spectator hits, a far cry from other more renowned original productions, and attract millions of potential clients who become subscribers to see their next and future works. For real? Yes, how are you reading. So much so, that the actor will be receiving offers from Apple or Amazon to open to other portals due to its high capacity for summons.

Sandler and Netflix: an agreement that has been renewed several times and that benefits both parties

Last year, a few weeks before the coronavirus broke into our lives, Netflix announced with great fanfare the renewal of its agreement with Adam Sandler, than allowing the actor to star at least four more movies for the streaming platform. Exclusively, of course. The actual figures of the agreement are unknown, although there is talk of a contract worth more than 150 million dollars, an exorbitant amount, and that would have made the actor’s audiovisual content producer, Happy Madison Productions, is revalued like few in Hollywood. This renewal came days after Rough diamonds, one of his best films in years and outside this contract, was successful in theaters in the United States and was very successful in the public and critics, reaching Spain through the video-on-demand service. Why does Netflix want to tie an actor like Sandler for life? Because Adam Sandler has become the protagonist of a long cultural battle, with Netflix in the middle, in which viewers for and against the actor strive to see his content and products, either for ironic reasons or excessive fanaticism.

The original agreement left us all in check. Adam Sandler was to produce and star in a series of six exclusive films for Netflix. As you can imagine, the agreement was met with criticism, laughter, various disparagements and a lot of laughter. Why would Netflix, which strives to provide quality content, sign an actor like Sandler? In those years, his fame was on the ground. “He is a finished actor”, remarked many critics and film experts. “It’s been more than ten years since I stopped being funny”, write other cinfilos in media of great circulation. And time closed their mouths. What seemed like an announced failure, a strange attempt by Netflix to rescue an actor in low hours, became one of its best weapons. When the actor of Sandy Wexler service, Netflix did the kind of stunt Hollywood studios used to do. They assured an exclusive figure, an actor with a well-known name who had previously hit the box office, and was known to the general public. Due to his high popularity and his legacy as a performer, the movement worked, and Sandler found himself with a huge audience among the portal’s subscribers.

Ted Sarandos, one of the heads of Netflix and content director of the platform, has always been in favor of this type of agreement. In fact, he’s more than happy to have him tied up. “The truth, we are still very excited about our relationship and our subscribers are still very interested in your movies. To give you an idea: our subscribers have spent 2 billion hours watching Adam Sandler movies, and since it was launched The ridiculous 6 they have been showing increasing interest, “said Sarandos. Netflix, critics or the specialized film press cares little or nothing: you only want content displayed and the possibility of attract new customers. And in that, Sandler is a bomb of massive destruction compared to his rivals, something that increases the added value of his catalog with respect to viewers who have doubts when choosing to pay one subscription or another.

Netflix subscribers have spent 2 billion hours watching Adam Sandler movies

Sometimes we are ashamed of what we like, hiding some of those guilty pleasures in the cinematographic field that we carry with us, and it seems that the protagonist of Little Nicky It is one of them. The privacy granted by a streaming platform is great for this type of content, since it saves us from going through the abuse of when we go to the videoclub and we asked for a VHS or DVD copy of one of his tapes or we were at the cinema box office with a family member or friend who was expecting us to go see another movie and not Big kids 2. At Netflix we can unleash our unspeakable pleasures without anyone throwing us an uncomfortable glance or feeling bad about ourselves for disappointing our loved ones. We can see what we want to see. Many of his films are bad, yes, but they don’t hurt anyone, and normalizing that we can have fun with Sandler is a pill that we must begin to swallow.

Criminals on the high seas

Also, let’s be honest: not everything he’s done with Netflix has been bad, and in his résumé he has very notable films. For instance, The Meyerowitz Stories is a real barbarity of a movie, which invites us to think that, as in Rough diamonds, Sandler must be demanded more. One of his last jewels – if we can call it that – was El Halloween de Hubie, which will be released at the end of last year and which marked a new collaboration with Steven Brill, a director with whom he had previously collaborated, and once again showed us that strange comedic vision that he has when playing certain characters. In addition, we cannot forget that the actor has an animated feature film in production that he will write himself and in which he will play one of the main characters. Ttaking into account its actions, and the success it has accumulated over the years, we believe that Netflix will renew that contract again in a few years, since Apple TV + itself has already started to tempt you with a succulent offer.

All Adam Sandler movies on Netflix and their ratings

  • The Ridiculous 6 – Puntuacin en Rotten Tomatoes: 0%
  • The Do-Over – Puntuacin en Rotten Tomatoes: 9%
  • Sandy Wexler – Puntuacin en Rotten Tomatoes: 27%
  • Worst Week – Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 27%
  • Criminals at Sea – Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 43%
  • Hubie’s Halloween – Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 49%
  • The Meyerowitz Stories – Puntuacin en Rotten Tomatoes: 92%
  • Diamonds in the Rough – Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 92%