Windows 11 has arrived! Time to update to this new Microsoft

Windows 11, the big news from Microsoft was expected tomorrow, the famous October 5th that has been long awaited. Everything was ready to be released at the end of the day and thus open the doors to this new operating system.

Microsoft decided to anticipate and show its newness earlier. Thus, Windows 11 is released and everyone can access this new feature now. It’s time to see the great Windows renewal and see the path that Microsoft is charting.

Since it was released, Windows 11 has shown itself to be a different system with very important news. The big change is, without any doubt, in the interface and in the image that Microsoft brought to this system.

This new version was only expected tomorrow, but Microsoft decided to anticipate its arrival, thus opening its servers. Anyone who wants to install this new version can do so, albeit manually. Just look for this update in Windows 10 settings.

Remember that this is not a system that is accessible to everyone like the previous version was. This has higher requirements and two of them, in particular, are extremely limiting. We talk about the presence of TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot.

In addition to this visual change, which will quickly take care of, Windows 11 still promises a lot for users. We're talking about full integration with Android, with the ability to run apps from this Google system directly on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Microsoft interface novelty update

As we've already mentioned, this update is being released in some regions of the planet, and can already be searched for in Windows 10. Just access the settings and then choose Updates and security. They should look for updates and this should already be present.

Microsoft bets a lot on Windows 11 and wants to change a lot with this release. There are many new features that will arrive in the meantime and this is, again, a system that will be continuously developed to make it even better.