With Heinz Kallhoff, Haltern loses a committed homeland friend

After a long illness, the Haltern hometown friend Heinz Kallhoff died unexpectedly on October 17th at the age of almost 74 years. As the son of a “bourgeois family”, he was interested in Haltern’s local and home history in many ways. After leaving school, he began his professional activity in the Haltern city administration in 1963, where he worked as the head of the public order office and then as head of the mayor’s office until his retirement.

His hobbies were varied. In sport, his passion was football. Even if he was not active himself, he regularly attended the home games of TuS Haltern, where he worked for many years as managing director and then as first chairman of the club.

Heinz Kallhoff was particularly interested in local history

Another area of ​​his interest was Haltern’s local and home history. For the Haltern Yearbook, which has been published annually since 1987, he often wrote articles in High and Low German.

Heinz Kallhoff in 2018 as a city guide in Haltern. © Blanka Thieme-Dietel (A) © Blanka Thieme-Dietel (A)

He devoted himself particularly intensively to the Low German language. Contributions from earlier times that he published weekly in the local edition of the WAZ and also in the “Halterner Zeitung” testify to this. Until his death, he wrote a Low German article under the title “Dütt un dat up Hältersk Platt” in the monthly magazine “Lokallust” published in Haltern.

Furthermore, he was a co-founder and until his death a member of the “Plattdeutsche Bühne Haltern” founded in 1988, where he played roles many times as an active player and also directed several times. In recent years he rewrote the role books for the selected pieces in the Halterner Platt and, despite his poor health, still gave tips and assistance during rehearsals on the stage.

Heinz Kallhoff (front) led groups of visitors through the Sixtus Church.
Heinz Kallhoff (front) led groups of visitors through the Sixtus Church. © Benjamin Glöckner (A) © Benjamin Glöckner (A)

Heinz Kallhoff was also on the road as a city guide

His work on city tours offered by the Haltern city agency should not go unmentioned. During the day as well as in the evening, in the outfit of a night watchman, he led visitors from outside as well as interested citizens of Haltern through the city center and told about the city’s history, which he made with “Dönkes” – funny incidents – from the past of Haltern and its citizens Best admitted. In addition, guided tours in the parish church of St. Sixtus were part of his program.

With Heinz Kallhoff, Haltern loses a committed fellow citizen and Low German homeland friend.